Local Services

Local Services

Post Time Charters is your answer to the following questions;

Ever miss the scheduled ferry and had no way of getting from
St. Thomas to Water Island or vice versa?

Are you coming into the airport late and don’t have a way to
get to Water Island?

Do you want to go from Water Island to Downtown or Havensite?

Do you want to go to a late night dinner on St. Thomas but have
no way of getting back to Water Island?

Do you want to go on a Sunset Cruise?

Want to go to a late night concert on St. Thomas and have no way
back to Water Island?

Is there a service you need that we have not mentioned?
Call and we can help?

We provide off-hours transportation between St. Thomas and
Water Island at reasonable rates. Call for pricing.

Call Captain Joe Mancino at 340-514-6551 for service